Welcome to my world!

Welcome to my world!
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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Second Thoughts...Day 3 progress report

BootCamp, Day 3

I saw this cartoon and it totally reminded me of my bootcamp trainer, Tinkerhell.
Smile, check.
Tiny little fit body, check. (I'm just jealious)
Perky demeanor, check.

All these things aside, I love my trainer and she was injured tonight and couldn't teach the class. I find it strange that I was disappointed not to have the opportunity to have my body abused...weird huh?
BUT...I thought I'd be a good girl and still get a workout.
Hence the name of this entry "Second thoughts"

I decided to stay a half hour longer and walk on the treadmill, then take the next class.
I've never taken this particular "Abs, Legs & Thighs" class, but how hard can it be?
(again the name of this entry)
Wholly mother of nine firey hells!
If I never ever do another squat, plank, side plank or crunch it will be too soon.
If this is what it take to have a "Jay-Lo bootie" then my flat ass is quite comforatble right where it is!
LMAO... Actually, I had a good, sweaty, heart pounding workout. My legs were shakey when done, but the drenched workout clothes I sported confirmed my efforts to have better abs, buns and thighs.
I must tell you all about this one exercise she taught us... very effective for the hamstrings.

All you need is YOU and an exercise ball.
I found this video that describes the exercise perfectly...It burns like hell, but is super effective.

In the end, the pain and sweat is all worth it. I feel better and the scale is showing me my efforts.
So far I've dropped 8 pounds, which I'm sure part is water weight...but none the less, very satisfying.

Let's get it done, do it together & share our results.
What are YOU doing to get fit and feel better?


Anonymous said...

I love working out! I'm a weirdo I know. I'm wanting so much to train for a marathon, running is my escape from the world (well that and writing.)

I'd love to try this workout :)