Welcome to my world!

Welcome to my world!
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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tips from Tony Cantanzaro

"Tony's Tip of The Day"
Your Health Is in Your Hands: Today I like to talk about your health. Its so important to understand how to stay healthy. Most doctors and health professionals could care less about your health their not in business for that (their in business to treat your symptoms, not cure your problems) we're the ones that are responsible for our health.
Take a child for instance how many times have I seen parents feed their kids fast food on a regular basis and buy liters of soda for them to drink. Here is a little wake up call! Your child doesn't know any better, its your responsibility to teach them! I have always said your body does not belong to you, it belongs to God. Stop looking for doctors for help because your health and your children's health is in your hands.

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Anonymous said...

I'm wanting to train for a marathon. I love running, it's my temporary escape from the world (well that and writing/reading/lusting after man candy.)