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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tearing it up with Trevor Adams

Just a few of my regular followers might know the name...
Trevor Adams.
He recently won my Next Book Cover Model Challenge on my DemonLover's site and is often a topic of discussion due to his great physique and killer looks.
Since then, we've become friends and I asked him to give my followers a few tips from his Training/Nutritional point of view.
Hopefully, we can have him back very often.
Here's Trevor's take on nutritional supplements and what he recommends?

We all have our own personal concoction of supplements that we like to take for whatever reason.  We have either had great results with it in the past, or one of your fellow gym-goers or friends take them and highly recommends them.  I even have my own secret ingredients.  I guess there not a secret anymore now that I am sharing it with you.  

Sure I take my Flinestone vitamins, the Bam Bam ones to be exact.  I think a good mix of supplements for anyone to take (permitting your Doctor has released you from any health related ailments and that you are over 18) would be some test boosters, natural if you could find them, (Testrol or Novadex).  The higher your levels of testosterone, the more lean muscle mass you will build.  The more muscle you have, the more fat you will burn involuntarily and the higher your metabolism will be.  It takes a lot of calories for fuel muscle and a lot of energy to make it all work.  People from 18-35 generally have higher levels of testosterone any ways but as you get older, your levels will plateau and or decrease, so maintaining normal to slightly above average will do wonders in maintaining muscle density, improve energy, and even enhance your libido, if you were lacking in that department to begin with. 

Protein:  Whey protein as you may have heard time and time again, is the most readily absorbed protein there is, being transported into muscle cells within 20 mins of a workout.  Egg being second (yet higher in cholesterol) and Soy protein being third.  There are certain protein compounds out there that have all three of these major proteins in one shake for a time released absorption rate that your body will benefit from the most.  Ask me the name of it and I will tell you, "I don't know, lol."  Your lean meats should be fish, turkey, or chicken (or buffalo if you have some Indian in you).  Milk DOES do a body good, skim or 1% is the best drink with most ALL the important vitamins and minerals.  Spinach, lettuce, broccoli, or asparagus for your leafy green vegetables are your best choices; although not the tastiest.  

For an intense workout, you will need energy.  I get my energy from good ole' caffeine pills, taking just 2 prior to my workout for optimum energy and making for an explosive workout, but a Red Bull or Monster sports drink may do the trick too.  There are also many complex formulas out there that will have your Nitric Oxide for pumps and vascularity, caffeine for energy, protein and carbs for muscle mass and fuel, and other ingredients to maximize work output.  (N.O. Explode, Shotgun, Synthesize).

There are also diuretics for the shredding or cutting phase that rid the body of excess fluid retention and should only be used just days prior to a photo shoot or bodybuilding contest as this supplement is very hard on the kidneys.  While taking these supplements, the use of Milk Thistle for the liver and Cranberry Extract for the kidneys is advisable.  

Fish and Flaxseed oils are great for the essential fatty acids neglected from most diets.  Calcium tablets (if you don't drink milk) is good for bone density, vitamin D if you don't get enough Sun or drink Milk as this is also the most missed vitamin from meals.  Having some issues with fat around the abdomen?  Take an Alpha Lipoic Acid (250 mg) with any carb rich meal and it will help lean you out.  In short, Lipoic Acid acts as a universal antioxidant, ridding the body of free radicals and also as a carb blocker by allowing your muscles to synthesize your "good carbs."  Another product to try in conjunction with the Lipoic Acid is your Conjugated Linoleic Acid or CLA which, like caffeine, forces your fat stores into your arteries to be dispensed as energy and burned more efficiently.  Lastly, Vitamin E for cardio health, immunity and for good skin is also something you should consider.

Check back with me soon for more fitness related information.

If you have any questions for Trevor, post them here & I'll make sure he stops by to respond!


Laurann Dohner said...

Thank you. That's a lot of great advice/info.